Monday, October 18, 2010

The Next Phase: The Journey Inward

It's been two weeks since I returned from points west to our new home at 4 Foxfire Road, Hollywood, FL 33021. In the midst of traveling the country, I felt saturated daily with the myriad objects of my perception, from the wide open golden plains and blue skies of Nebraska to the chill of majestic mountains and bugling elks in Colorado to the sandy pueblos and painted desert of Arizona.

Now that I'm back and have soaked in the extensive variations of that environmental marinating process, the next phase of my journey begins.  I sense it's time for me to get cooking and give equal time to explore the inner terrain as well.  The idea that there's no separation between what's "out there" and what's "in here" has floated in my awareness for some time.  The ever changing cloud formations and weather patterns to which I was recently exposed have a corresponding internal dimension within my own psyche. 

Inasmuch as I indulged my five senses with glorious new stimuli and was eager to record what I saw -- my digital camera was often at hand -  I now commit myself to explore the objects of my mind - mental formations of the present and stories of past experiences that have become almost permanent psychic fixtures - and to put them out "for the record."  I hope that by investigating the phenomena objectively I will gain further clarity about that inner terrain and shed light on the perpetuation of or possible liberation from suffering. 


  1. Laya what a beautiful idea! I love it, and I love the picture in Nebraska. It reminded me of my recent and brief trip to the Grand Canyon - only 1 night. However, I woke up at 4:45am to make it to the rim in time to watch the sunrise. Magnificence does not cover the feeling of awe when the sun is coming up and the colors of the rock begin to show. Simply magnificent!

  2. I woke up spontaneously for sunrise too. Yes, truly awesome & magnificent! I hope Italy held lots of special experiences for you too.

    So nice to see you here! Thanks for reading & come back again...

  3. p.s. the picture is from the Grand Canyon!