Monday, August 9, 2010

Belatedly, beginning a blog...

Back in April, 2010 when I first announced that our house in Miami Beach was to be sold with no other to take its place - that instead my husband Tom & I would take to the road and follow our hearts' content - the suggestion that I blog kept repeating itself.  Now, here we are in August and I'm actually going to begin.

Despite ambivalence, I'll stick my neck out here because I am now navigating with a new GPS - a Greater Purpose Statement that helps me set my direction and stay on track.  Here it is:

"Curious, caring and evolved, I am determined to harness my full power, taking risks in expressing my truths so that I can inspire positive action to alleviate suffering, orchestrate harmony and reveal joy in the world."

That (evolving) statement is the product of a workshop I took with 17 others in the Berkshire Mountains a weekend ago at Kripalu, a yoga retreat center (see 

Traveling in the area seemed a perfect time to check Kripalu out, especially as I still needed additional Continuing Education Units (CEU's) to renew my FL psychotherapy license by March 2011.  Perfect!   The workshop offering the most CEU's that weekend was "Five Questions That Change Everything" with John Scherer and Lynnea Brinkerhoff.

I'll share more about the five questions in the next blog.  But for now, I can say, the blog has begun!   

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